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Filipe da Silva Costa

About Me

If you can dream, you can do it”.
Life is made of dreams and some of them really came true. Started with studying Computer Science after breaking multiple times my K6-II in 2000's. Now I really know what I did wrong at the time...
When this dream became a reality, I dreamed about becoming a master. You know, whoever is the master is - at least - known to have some knowlegde. Proved. I ended up obtaining my title with a master thesis entitled “Analysis of Recommendation Algorithms performance in daily-deals websites”.

Well, dream won't cost you a penny but the way to make it come true is hard. Pursuit it and “ let your conscience be your guide”.
I don't really like to earn things in my life but instead deserve them. Why? Well, I can make things happen and I'm gonna get what I aim with hard work, research and a little bit of patience.

By the way, I really enjoy a good challenge, a nice beer and visit new places. This is what I'm about.


Goal-based people are always trying to achieve what they set as goals. While people want to settle down in something, be someone or obtain a title, I'm looking for new challenges.
I'm not so different from other people, but what makes me different is that I have a desire to always improve my skills, to become more experienced.
Seeking for new challenges I ended up adding all those employers below as are part of my job history. And from each one I was able to learn something new and increase my friend's list.
More than jobs, they are part of my life.


(March 2020 - Current)

Employment: Senior Software Engineer

Development and maintenance of automobile Portal - Kijiji.
(ReactJS, JavaScript, HTML, Java)


Quandoo GmbH
(June 2018 - February 2020)

Employment: Frontend Engineer

Development and maintenance of the company's Portal
(Search, Book and User Retention).
(ReactJS, JavaScript, HTML, Java)

Campai GmbH
(November 2017 - May 2018)

Employment: Full Stack Developer

Development and maintenance of company's website and main platform.
(ReactJS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS)

(January 2016 - November 2017)

Employment: Full Stack and Mobile Developer

Web and mobile applications developer for start-up
(AssessmentInnovation, WhoSay, Canopy).
(ReactJS, React Native, JavaScript, HTML)

Embedded Lab
(April 2014 - January 2016)

Employment: Software Developer

Mobile and wearable software developer for Sony Mobile Communications.

(June 2015 - December 2015)

Employment: Project Manager/Software Developer (Freelancer)

Educational application mobile software developer and team manager.

UNESC Faculdades
(February 2015 - August 2015)

Employment: Professor

Professor of Accounting Sciences, Department of Accounting Sciences,
Basic Information and Information System.
(LibreOffice, Linux)

(April 2012 - March 2015)

Employment: Software Developer

Web-based tool, specialized in Monitoring,
Social Management and Analytics + Historical Data Consumers Insights.
(Java - Backend + Support)

Accenture do Brasil
(July 2010 - April 2012)

Employment: Junior Developer

Software developer for TIM Brazil (post-paid telecommunication).
(Java, Oracle Database, Spring Source, PL/SQL, Shell Script)


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